ISSN 1842-4562
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Li-Jun Feng

PhD Candidate
Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, Tianjin, China
College of Urban and Rural Construction, Agriculture University of Heibei, Baoding 071001, Hebei, China

Lijun Feng graduated from Agriculture University of Hebei in 2000. Now the author is a PhD candidate of Tianjin of finance & Economics. The specialty of author is the application of computational intelligence method in building safety management. The author has published some paper, as follows:

  • Study On Risk Identification Method of Construction Project Based On SVM. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Engineering management. Vol. (19) Supplement, pp11-14, 2005
  • Study On Building Safety Evaluation Based On Training Set Of SVM Optimized By GA. Scientific Research Monthly Vol. (10), pp117-121, May 2006
  • Study On R&D Project Evaluation Based On LS-SVM. The Proceedings of 20th IPMA World Congress on Project Management. Vol. (2), pp728-731, October 2006
  • Improving the Real-Time Character of Prediction System Based On SVM Using RS Theory. Computer Technology and Development. Vol.16 (9), pp30-34, September 2006