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Ion Bucur

Ion I. Bucur has graduated the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in 1975, and the faculty of Mathematics in 1982; he holds a PhD diploma in Computer Science and Engineering from 1999.
Currently he is lecturer within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers from the University "Politehnica" of Bucharest.
He published several books and over 20 journal articles in the field of computer engineering. His work focuses both on hardware and software applications.
He is currently teaching architectures of information systems, logic design and design testing, and project management of IT&C projects. He is member of IEEE, ACM and SRAIT.

He provides expert level support for ongoing design and verification projects with emphasis on the performance aspects of simulation and verification tools.
Provides expert level training and introduction on advanced topics such as:

  • HDL simulators,
  • Software Code Testing Estimation (COCOMO - II, Function Points, etc) and Software Project Management,
  • Advanced computer-programming techniques,
  • Tuned and optimized complex application,
  • Programming languages, irrespective compilers and related tools: C, C++, Visual Basic, PL/SQL, VHDL, Verilog and Verilog PLI,
  • Database design, optimization and implementation,
  • Dynamic programming techniques,
  • ISO 9001-3 Quality Assurance documents, protocols, methods,
  • Trained to manage projects with multiple teams.
He has participated in the organizing committee of recent International Conferences on Control Systems and Computer Science, and First Symposium on Technical Physics and Physical Engineering (TPPE 2005) chairman of the 8th (F) Session "Physics, Informatics and Computer Engineering", the 3rd International Colloquium "Mathematics in Engineering and Numerical Physics", MENP3F, 7-9 October 2004 Bucharest being member of the international committee and chairman of the 6th Section "Modeling in Engineering".