ISSN 1842-4562
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Reliability Sampling Plans: A Review and some New Results

Viorel Gh. VODA


reliability sampling plans, AQL, HALT, HASS, personalized procedures, power distribution, rayleigh law


In this work we present a large area of aspects related to the problem of sampling inspection in the case of reliability. First we discuss the actual status of this domain, mentioning the newest approaches (from a technical view point) such as HALT and HASS and the statistical perspective. After a brief description of the general procedure in sampling inspection, we offer what we did call here as ‚Äěpersonalized procedures‚ÄĚ: this means that we take into consideration the specific statistical law for time-to-failure. The original part refers to the construction of (n, 0) sampling plans and the use of ISO standard 2859 (MILSTD 105 E, the American original) in order to derive sampling plans by linking the AQL indicator (a defective fraction, in fact) to the hazard rate function. Some examples are given and necessary tables are provided also.