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Findings regarding Corporate Social Responsibility in Romanian IT SMEs

Eduard Gabriel CEPTUREANU


small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility


CSR has its origins necessity of implementing different from one organization to another, depending on several factors: company size, products, activities, territorial dispersion, suppliers, leadership and reputation etc. However, the common factor is that in a responsible and application of sustainable development strategies go beyond considerations on building a reputation, being directly associated business continuity, employee morale and market expansion. Ideally, CSR policies at the organization operates as a self-regulatory mechanism integrated into the organization's functioning by companies to monitor and ensure compliance with legislation, ethical standards of operation and not least the international standards. Unfortunately, the importance of using CSR in small and medium enterprises continues to be negatively influenced by reporting against multinationals and large companies practices. Consequently, it is common practice that the judge SMEs in terms of strategies, methods and objectives set in companies mentioned above. The results of our research highlights the peculiarities of CSR in small firms, generated by a unique combination of features and their chronic lack of resources allocated for this purpose.