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CSR and Profitability in Romanian IT SMEs

Sebastian Ion CEPTUREANU


corporate social responsibility, SMEs, IT


A growing number of European small and medium IT promotes social responsibility strategies as a result of social pressure, environmental and economic crises. These businesses seek to influence decisions of the parties that interact: employees, shareholders, investors, and customers, the public and non-governmental organizations. In this respect, companies are investing in their future and it is expected that a voluntary commitment that we make to help increase firm profitability. The European Union attaches great importance of corporate social responsibility it can contribute significantly to the strategic objective set in Horizon 2020 EU the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy with a high level of employment and social cohesion work. This paper is a study of the CSR practices of 121 small-size companies drawn from IT sector in Romania. The empirical analysis shows a high level of incidence of CSR in these SMEs, particularly on the factors that translate into management benefits. Thus, the practice of CSR is seen to both correlate and contribute to the management efforts of the SMEs.