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Oil Seeds Area and Production Variability in Bangladesh

Muhammad Abdul Baker CHOWDHURY


Change and volatility, Production, Area, Oilseed, Growth rate


Oil seed is one of the most important sources of vegetable oil. It plays a vital role in agricultural sectors of Bangladesh. However, the production of oilseed cannot meet up its annual demand of Bangladesh. The objective of this study was to measure the change and instability of oil seeds in Bangladesh in the context of area, production, and yields. Data were extracted from the statistical year books of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) and the study period was 1987 to 2010. Our analysis revealed that the production and yield of oil seeds were increased sharply though the cultivable areas were decreased. The growth rate in production and yield of oil seeds were satisfactory over the study period although they were not stable. Moreover, the results showed that it is not sufficient to fulfil the present demand of vegetable oil in Bangladesh. We recommend policy makers and stakeholders can give due attention to improve this sector for the betterment of the vegetable sector sustainable crop security in Bangladesh.