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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multicriteria Group Decision-Making Approach to Quality Clay-Brick Selection Problems Based on Grey Relational Analysis



Bricks, Bricks field, Fuzzy set, Grey relational analysis, Grey relational grade, Grey system theory, Group decision making, Intuitionistic fuzzy set, Linguistic variables, Multi-criteria decision making


This paper presents quality Clay-Brick selection process based on intuitionistic fuzzy multi criteria group decision making through grey relational analysis. Brick plays an important role in construction field. Intuitionistic fuzzy weighted averaging operator is used to aggregate individual opinions of decision makers into a group opinion. Six criteria are considered for selection process and the criteria are obtained from expert opinions. The criteria are namely solidity, color, size and shape, strength of Brick, cost of Bricks and carrying cost. Weights of the criteria are obtained from domain experts by using a questionnaire. The rating of an alternative with respect to certain criterion offered by decision maker is represented by linguistic variable that can be expressed by intuitionistic fuzzy sets. An intuitionistic fuzzy set, which is characterized by membership function (degree of acceptance), non-membership function (degree of rejection) and the degree of indeterminacy or the degree of hesitancy, is a more general and suitable way to deal with imprecise information. Grey relational analysis is used for ranking and selection of alternatives. An illustrative numerical example for quality Brick selection is solved to show the effectiveness of the proposed model.