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Methods for Assessing the Information Technologies and Communication Impact on Companies

Liliana Mihaela MOGA


Information Technologies, companies, impact assessment, metrics


The determination, identification and evaluation of the impact of Information Technologies and Communication use in companies are complex issues that require quantitative and qualitative approaches that take into account one or at most two parameters. Most of the empirical studies focused on the impact of Information Technologies and Communication on the economy are statistical approaches that take in consideration only one performance criteria of the company, such as Information Technologies impact on productivity or the impact of Information Technologies investments. The impact study approach can have an a priori and a posteriori perspective. Before the introduction of Information Technologies it is necessary to make some predictions or estimates. After the introduction of Information Technologies, the actual assessment takes into account the effects. The research proposes a methodology for assessing the impact of Information Technologies taking in consideration a priori and a posteriori aspects. Also, it is developed a metrics for the evaluation the quantitative impact assessment such as Information Technologies endowment of labor, and efficiency of funds invested in Information Technologies. The methodology consists by an algorithm that can be implemented in companies. The calculating the proposed indicators help quantify the effect of applying Information Technologies and establishing their effectiveness.