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Analysis and Modeling of a Socio-technological Framework for Scientific Collaboration

Anca Daniela IONITA


socio-technological framework, knowledge management, service oriented architecture, knowledge worker, next generation collaborative working environments, collaborative knowledge generation


The scientific development of different disciplines at the beginning of the 21th century can only be conceived in an interdisciplinary context. This fact implies both an in-depth documentation and cooperation among the scientists in the diverse knowledge spheres. Knowledge workers are not linked to a unique organization, but they are in touch with persons belonging to other organizations. In this complex relation system, the employers are involved concurrently in similar working situations, but, at the same time, they are permanently learning. That is why, Internet technologies are improved to sustain this net society, being adapted, at the same time, to individual needs and profiles. The creation of conditions for organizational culture of academic communitiesí development presupposes a suitable socio-technological framework. The paper analyzes the challenges and introduces models for a knowledge management experimental system for scientific communities, proposing the use of Service Oriented Architecture for the composition of knowledge, defining a modular architecture and an algorithm of collaborative knowledge generation.