ISSN 1842-4562
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Upon Scheduling and Controlling Large-Scale Stochastic Network Projects



project management, on-line control, scheduling, network project, generalized network models


The problem of controlling large-size stochastic network projects of PERT type is considered. A conclusion is drawn that the need of proper control models for PERT projects is very important. The authors suggest aggregating the initial model in order to modify the latter to an equivalent one, but of medium or small-size. For those network models effective on-line control algorithms are already developed. After observing the project's output at a routine control point and introducing proper control actions the aggregated network is transformed to the initial one, and the projectís realization proceeds. The developed control techniques are especially effective for those R&D projects, when an on-line control has to be undertaken under a chance constraint. The suggested control model can be regarded as an additional tool to help the project manager to realize the project in time.