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A Genetic Algorithm based Reliability Redundancy Optimization for Interval Valued Reliabilities of Components



redundancy allocation, complex system, reliability optimization, genetic algorithm, interval numbers, order relations, penalty technique


The goal of this paper is to solve the constrained redundancy allocation problem of series-parallel/parallel-series/complex system with the interval valued reliability of each component. For maximizing the overall system reliability under limited resource constraints, the problem is formulated as an unconstrained integer programming problem with interval coefficients by two different penalty techniques. To solve the transformed problem, we have developed two different real coded GAs for integer variables with tournament selection, uniform crossover, uniform mutation and different fitness functions based on penalty techniques. As a special case, considering the lower and upper bounds of the initial valued reliabilities of the component as the same, the corresponding problem has been solved. To illustrate the model, some numerical examples have been solved by our developed GAs and the results have been compared. Finally, to study the stability of our developed GAs with respect to the different GA parameters (like, population size, crossover and mutation rates), sensitivity analyses have been shown graphically.