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E-Service Quality Management



E-services, Quality Management, Quality Management Framework, Quality Standards


A characteristic of today’s society is the increasing use of modern information and communication technologies in all areas. Computer applications, called e-services, are being developed to provide efficient access to services, electronically. Quality management systems are needed to provide a consistent way to select, evaluate, prioritize and plan the right e-services. The increasing use of e-services has raised the need to define standards and means to assess and assure quality. Investment in e-services is an important step to improve the quality of life in our dynamic society. After a brief introduction that describes the adoption of electronic services in individuals’ daily routine and the need for quality management, this article defines in its second chapter terms and concepts that are part of the Quality Management Framework. Then, the third chapter describes what e-services are, how they are classified and also their benefits to the user followed in the forth chapter by definition of means to evaluate and metrics to measure the quality of e-services. In the end, this article restates the benefits of e-services, the need for e-service quality management and unveils future development initiatives in domain.