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Orthogonality Measurement for Homogenous Projects-Bases

Andrei SANDU
Marius POPA


orthogonality analysis, quality, projects-base, homogeneity, metric


The homogenous projects-base concept is defined. Next, the necessary steps to create a homogenous projects-base are presented. A metric system is built, which then will be used for analyzing projects. The indicators which are meaningful for analyzing a homogenous projects-base are selected. The given hypothesis is experimentally verified. The projects are analyzed and measured to establish the quality level of the funds spending. Some examples of measurement are offered in this paper. The most important characteristics of the projects are identified and presented. Also, a quality characteristic framework of homogenous projects is provided by this paper. The framework is used to develop metrics that cover the properties and requirement of the projects. The implementation of the project characteristics is made within a software application, called Projects-Bases Operations Software (PBOS).