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The Behavior of Credit Risk Evaluation Models under Recession and the Introduction of a General Model Based on Semantic Interoperability and Nomograms

Anca Nicoleta POPESCU


credit risk, nomogram;, semantic interoperability, OWL;, recession


The article analysis the old credit risk evaluation models performance and highlights the failure of complex econometric models to predict recession. Furthermore, this article is intended to propose a software solution for implementing a general, orientative consumption credit risk evaluation scoring model based on semantic web. The use of semantic web enables us to discover the common features from analyzing the evaluation forms used by several banks. These characteristics are taken into account when designing the model. The application will have a web interface and the weights and the cut-off value will be represented with the help of nomograms. This software product is intended to offer clients guidance and to provide, with a certain amount of risk, the information related to the chances that client has for obtaining a credit.