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Statistical Analysis of the Different Socio-Economic Factors Affecting the Education of N-W.F.P (Pakistan)



logistic+regression, stepwise+regression, Wald test, socio-economic factors


A number of students in the urban and rural areas of N-W.F.P (Pakistan) and control group were collected to examine the various socio-economic factors which affect our education system. A logistic regression was applied to analyze the data and to select a parsimonious model. The response variable for the study is literate (illiterate) person(s) and the risk factors are Father literacy [FE], Father income[FI] Parentsí attitude towards education[PA], Mother literacy [ME], Present examination system [PE], Present education curriculum [PC]. The results of the analysis show that the factors Father Education combined with Parentsí Attitude towards Education, Father Income combined with Mother Education, Father Income combined with Parentsí Attitude towards Education are some of the factors which affect the education in N-W.F.P. Thus we concluded that there are a number of socioeconomic factors which affect our education.