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Developments in Analysis of Multiple Response Survey Data in Categorical Data Analysis: The Case of Enterprise System Implementation in Large North American Firms



complex survey data, enterprise system implementationt, empirical, multiple response variable, categorical data


This paper explores the analysis of survey data with multiple response variables. After describing the problem with analysis of multiple response variables, the historical developments in identifying and analyzing multiple response variables, based on an extensive literature review, are discussed. After we explored the developments in this area from 1968 to 2008, we employed the first Order Rao-Scott Corrected Chi-Square to analyze a recently collected set of data on the practice of Enterprise System (ES) implementation among North American large corporations. The data analyzes the success of ES implementation, challenges of ES implementation, and the success of utilization of ES across two categories of firms: process-oriented and not process-oriented. The first Order Rao-Scott Corrected Chi-Square confirms that process-oriented firms in our sample are more successful in implementing the ES, face fewer challenges in implementing the ES, and are more successful in utilizing the ES.