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Hypertext Entities’ Semantic Web-Oriented Reengineering



distributed systems, distributed applications, web semantic, reengineering, web service, interoperability, distributed databases, dependable applications


This paper’s aim is to define the concept of Hypertext Semantic Web-Oriented Reengineering (HSR) as a process of distributed applications development which takes into consideration the semantic aspect in information retrieval and communication. It is virtually possible to apply the reengineering on web applications concerned being about the efficiency of the ideas of data structures and implementation than to mainly being troubled with the language or syntactic point of view. This research also brings some examples of distributed applications types, some small segments of them being mainly explained as well, in order to make our theory strongly connected with the practical work from software companies. It is very important that semantic approaches to be implemented while developing software applications, mostly when reengineering is integrated in the development process, as a step for the evolution to the next generation of web.