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A Quasi Garima Distribution

Kamlesh Kumar SHUKLA
Simon SIUM


Garima distribution, Moments, Stochastic ordering, Mean deviations, Stress-strength reliability, Estimation of parameters, goodness of fit


In the present paper, a two-parameter quasi Garima distribution (QGD) which includes one parameter exponential distribution and Garima distribution introduced by Shanker (2016 c) as special cases, has been proposed. Its statistical and mathematical properties including moments and moments based measures, hazard rate function, mean residual life function, stochastic ordering, mean deviations, Bonferroni and Lorenz curves, order statistics, Renyi entropy measure and stress-strength reliability have also been discussed. The method of moments and the method of maximum likelihood estimation have been discussed for estimating the parameters of QGD. Finally, the goodness of fit of the QGD has been discussed with a real lifetime dataset and the fit is quite satisfactory over one parameter and two-parameter lifetime distributions.