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Children’s Scientific Knowledge in Morocco: a Gender approach Analysis TIMSS’s Scores Decomposition



Achievement, education, gender gap, Morocco, TIMSS


This work is one of works trying to understand, and to assess the differences of children educational achievement by genre. In fact, this work tries to find answers of two sequential questions: can we accept the hypothesis, often allowed, which stipulates that boys are more performing than girls in science subjects? If yes, how to analyze a possible difference in terms of its determinants? In this regard, we’ll try to explain the achievement differences between boys and girls in the 4th year of primary using TIMSS-2011’s database. The applied methodology is the decomposition developed by Oaxaca and Blinder (1973), and generalized by Neumark (1988) and Oaxaca and Ransom (1988, 1994). Even if our results confirm that the girls are more performants than boys, the performance of the educational system and Moroccan is still very mediocre in general.