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Some insights regarding fraud at the baccalaureate exam in Romania

Octavian CEBAN
, Ionela-Roxana PETCU
, Andreea MIRICA
, Roxana-Violeta PARTAS-CIOLAN


logistic regression, baccalaureate, exam, fraud, demographics


Fraud as a deceptive act is observed in a multitude of scenarios, the baccalaureate exams not being bypassed. Our research aims to provide insights into fraud tentative cases at the Baccalaureate exam in Romania based on a quantitative approach using microdata from 2021. How many students attempt fraud at the baccalaureate exam grouped by academic and demographic factors and what are the main aspects that influence the likelihood of fraud attempt are the topics explored in this paper. Author based computations and several logistic regression models are constructed, indicating that males, compared to females, have a higher probability to be expelled from the exam, and rural candidates are more likely to attempt fraud. In 2021, the technical maths exam remains the subject with the highest probability to be removed from exam due to fraud.