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Environmental Awareness and Disaster Factors in Bangladesh

Mohammad Ohid ULLAH


environment, awareness, disaster factors, behavior


Environmental pollution is one of the important problems for the living beings. It interrupts to lead better life. The present study is an attempt to study the environmental awareness and behavior towards the environment of the students with environmental disasters factors in private universities in Sylhet, Bangladesh. To conduct this study, a questionnaire was designed and implemented on a sample of 200 students of four private universities in Sylhet city. Research findings show that global warming (66.5%) is the most important problem in the world and unplanned urbanization (32%) is the most important problem in Bangladesh. Research indicates that ‘Global warming’, ‘The conflict over the natural water resources’ and ‘The needs for other energy sources against petroleum’ are the most influential factors for environmental disaster. Most of the respondents believe that education of environmental awareness and use of bi-cycle for short distance in the city may solve environment pollution. Therefore, Government and non-government organizations should take initiative to prepare bi-cycle road aside foot-path as well as educational activities regarding healthy environment.