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External Analysis in PLS-Path Modeling for the Evaluation of the Passenger Satisfaction

Antonello D’AMBRA


External Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, PLS- Path Modeling, Passenger Satisfaction


In recent years the need to verify the degree of user satisfaction and the quality of services provided has become a priority for transportation companies. The requirement is not only to move towards higher quality of services provided, but also to strengthen confidence in the companies that provide the service. This paper shows a study to evaluate the overall passenger satisfaction of public transport service. To explore the collected data, PLS-Path Modeling approach has been adopted, and later the analysis of the data has been further supported by means of the joint use of the PLS-PM and the External Analysis Method, catching the advantages of both. In particular, the additional element that the present contribution wants to highlight is the use of so-called external information. In fact, passenger satisfaction may be influenced by external factors such as sex, age, educational level, profession, etc.. Therefore, the joint use of the PLS-PM and the External Analysis Method could help the researcher interpret the results objectively.