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Logistic Regression Response Functions with Main and Interaction Effects in the Conjoint Analysis

Amedeo DE LUCA


Conjoint analysis, Interaction effects, Multivariate Logistic Regression


In the Conjoint Analysis (COA) model proposed here - an extension of the traditional COA - the polytomous response variable (i.e. evaluation of the overall desirability of alternative product profiles) is described by a sequence of binary variables. To link the categories of overall evaluation to the factor levels, we adopt - at the aggregate level - a multivariate logistic regression model, based on a main and two-factor interaction effects experimental design. The model provides several overall desirability functions (aggregated part-worths sets), as many as the overall ordered categories are, unlike the traditional metric and non metric COA, which gives only one response function. We provide an application of the model and an interpretation of the main and interactive effects.