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Adapt Business Processes to Service Oriented Environment to Achieve Business Agility

Marinela MIRCEA


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), business agility, standards, process metrics, collaborative environment


In the modern economy, creating agile business processes is one of the conditions to obtain/ maintain competitive advantage on the market. In addition, the agility of business processes, combined with the agility of employees and that of information technology are prerequisites for achieving business agility. Using a service-oriented architecture can provide numerous benefits to the organization, enabling it to reduce complexity and increase flexibility of business processes. This paper presents an approach on adaptation to the service-oriented architecture of tools and methodologies for modeling and management of business processes. Thus, in the paper 1: is analyzed the aligning of BPM with SOA to achieve business agility, 2: is provided a perspective view on the management of service-oriented business processes and 3: is presented a case study on agility of acquisition process in higher education institutions of Romania.