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A Mutivariate Strategic Perspective for the Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in Great Distribution

Gabriella MILONE


customer satisfaction, multivariate analysis, great distribution, LISREL


The author proposes a strategy for the analysis of data from Customer Satisfaction (CS) in Great Distribution. The aim of this paper is to evaluate CS through a comparison of multivariate statistical methodologies. In this paper the author compares different estimations of Structural Equation Model (SEM) in a case study: evaluation of customer satisfaction in a supermarket. Overall satisfaction is determined by reference to three departments: “Salami and Cheese”, “Butchery”, “Fruit and Vegetables”. Each department is assessed through three aspects: “Assortment”, “Staff” and “Offer”. Initially, the links between the different variables are verified through factor analysis and subsequently inserted into a structural equation model. To estimate the model the approach of “maximum likelihood” was used, with LISREL software. Finally, the “Partial Least Squares (PLS) approach was used to confirm the results.