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The Impact of Pacing Mode and the Anatomical Position of Pacing Lead on the Incidence of Heart Failure

Catalina Liliana ANDREI
Emanuel RADU
Octavian ZARA


right ventricular pacing, pacemaker syndrome, RV+pacing+sites, VVIR, VDDR, DDDR pacing modes


In Romania in the last decade, pacing is playing an increasingly important role in the management of cardiac disease. If, at first, attention of the cardiologists and researchers was focusing on the electrical rather than functional effects of pacing, the fact that pacing the RV may initially improve cardiac function but may induce heart failure over time, has led to a change in direction. This study evaluates comparative the clinical outcome as well the incidence and predictors of heart failure in 38 patients with VVIR pacing, VDDR and DDDR pacing implanted in “Sf. Ioan” Hospital, Bucharest, over a period of 2 years. We also intended to evaluate the long-term effects of alternative right ventricular pacing sites on LVEF.