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A Mathematical Model for Tumor Volume Evaluation using Two-Dimensions

Shlomo MARK
Itzhak ORION


Tumor volume, tumor reconstruction, tumor imaging, hemi-ellipsoid, mice model


Many recent papers present different ways to show the volume of a tumor from a few two-dimensional images. The three-dimensional fundamental shape of tumors is assumed to be a hemi-ellipsoid as presented in different studies. The three measurements were essential for tumor volume calculations: length, width, and height. Tumor volume measurements task is a very intensive routine is cancer research. Recent papers present how to reconstruct the 3-D tumor from a set of 2-D images, this in order to find the tumor volume. In this paper we report on a new approach to calculating the volumes based on measurements of two dimensions, length and width, after having identified a statistical constant that replaced the need of measuring the tumor height. Results: Our new method was examined on a subcutaneously implanted tumor placed on a mouse's thigh. The width, length, and height of tumors were measured, in four groups of BALB/c mice, using a digital caliper. The tumor dimensions were periodically measured for several weeks. It was shown that this new model can assist in tumor volume measurements using digital images, and in CT scan tumor size assessments.