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Multidimensional Model for the Master Budget

Daniela Ioana SANDU


Business Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Planning, Budgeting


In a dynamic business environment characterized by extreme competitiveness and the need to quickly adapt to new and changing market condition, information has became an asset. Timely and quality information are the basis for quality decisions, and only quality decisions help survive and prosper on the market. Business intelligence applications help the management take quality decisions. Business Performance Management applications steer the entire organization in the same direction, enabling the organization to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight to improve both financial and operational performance. A BPM implementation often combines financial with non-financial metrics that can identify the health of an enterprise from a variety of perspectives. BI and BPM applications implement multidimensional models, powerful models for data analysis and simulation. The present paper describes a multidimensional model that supports the construction of the master budget of an enterprise with simulation facilities.