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The Impact of Financial Crisis on the Quality of Life

Lindita ROVA
Romeo MANO


quality of life, economic crisis, welfare, objective indices, logistic regression method, subjective indices, Albania,


The quality of life is a relatively new concept, which is continually changing and for which there is not yet a wholly satisfactory definition. The quality of life involves human, social-economic and health characteristics. The manifold nature of the quality of life led to the development of various patterns for measuring it. The quality of life is determined by subjective and objective indices and this allows us to have a clearer overall picture of it. The aim of this research paper is to measure the standard of living based on six main levels determined by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions-Eurofound: 1. Employment; 2. Total income; 3. Family & Home; 4. Social life & Community involvement; 5. Medical care & health security insurance and 6. Knowledge & education A very interesting part of the paper is the research into the impact of economic crisis on the quality of life. The study is based on a questionnaire which is filled by 200 persons living in Gjirokastra and Saranda. The analysis of the results from the questionnaire is carried out employing the logistic regress method.