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Economic Model Cost-satisfaction in Inlusive Education. Based on Research Made in Georgia



economic model, cost-satisfaction, inclusive education, Georgia


This research comprises a brief analysis of the economic model design, projected for poor countries, where complex assessments of the health status, education outcomes and motivation for children with disabilities are impossible to be done; is possible to be applied on a national scale in Georgia, if the actual government has the necessary resources, or, in other countries, having a similar lack of expertise in special education and disabled children assessment. The National Curriculum Assessment Centre from Georgia is envisaging such development, and finding the best ways to identify various needs for teacher training, auditing and report procedures and funding this future development, and to identify alternative sources for finance.

We consider the aim and the objectives of the research, reflected in this paper, as leading to appropriate actions to satisfy the needs of disabled children, enough general to afford the opportunity of replication at a broader scale. The lack of skilled and dedicated human resources – expertise, counselling, care for children for special needs could be in a measure cushioned, if this model is applied on national scale