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Applying the Statistical Survey Method in Evaluating
the Public Health Care System in Romania

Tudorel ANDREI
Erika TUSA
Stelian STANCU


statistical survey, public health care system, tertiary education, Romania


The reform of the public health care system is a complex and lengthy process, involving different types of people and institutions. The papers is revising the key issues that have to be taken into account when applying the reform process of the health care system and  is analyzing some of the aspects of the reform process in the Romanian public health care system based on a survey that was conducted in 2007 among the medical doctors.
The sampling plan had two steps and several primary and secondary variables were defined. Based on the 52 questions in the questionnaire, of which 49 have been closed, 177 primary questions were set, measured on a scale from 1 (low importance)  to 5 (very high importance)

Two aspects are analyzed with statistical tools in this paper: the overall opinion of the medical personnel regarding the quality of the reform process in the public health care system and the opinion regarding the quality of the factors that concur to ensuring the quality of the medical services. Two aggregated variables were defined in both cases, each based on five primary variables. The results show significant differences in the opinions according to gender, age group and personnel category of the interviewed medical doctors.