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SIX SIGMA APPROACH – Interpretation, Controversies, Proceedings ("Abordarea Sase Sigma. Interpretari, controverse, proceduri")
by Alexandru ISAIC-MANIU,Viorel Gh. VODĂ



Six sigma, quality control, statistics, Isaic-Maniu, Voda

SIX SIGMA APPROACH – Interpretation, Controversies, ProceedingThe “Six Sigma” concept in quality control has been widely extended and encouraged in the last few years. A simple Google search gives almost 6 million results. However, in Romanian, the same search gives much fewer results (little over 3000); among the first listed results, we can find references about the two authors of this volume, which reveals the preoccupations that Viorel Gh. Voda (doctor in mathematics since 1977) as well as Alexandru Isaic-Maniu (doctor in economics since 1977) constantly and systematically have been having along their entire careers in the research of quality. Without abusing the thoroughgoing study of the theoretical aspects that the “Six Sigma” approach is based on, and in the same time, also highlighting the inherent practical aspects in using this methodology, the present volume offers an analytic presentation, in a logical and coherent manner, of the multiple aspects and angles this new approach is involving. The case studies, themselves being of excellent guidance, the application as well as the rigorous theoretical foundation, recommend this volume to any person interested in assuming and using the newest methodologies in the domain. Consequently, students, students in master’s and PhD programs on one hand, researchers and practitioners in the domain of quality on the other hand, have at their disposal a valuable instrument that will remain as referential in specialty literature.