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Evaluation of Training Programs for Rural Development



Kirkpatrick Model, survey, rural development, evaluation, training


An Evaluation of the “Impact Assessment of the Training Programs” of a National Level Training Institution in India was conducted using the Kirkpatrick Method (KP Method). The studied Institution takes up research, provides training, offers consultancy and initiates action in the rural sector of India. The evaluation study used a detailed questionnaire for conducting a survey on the entire population of participants who attended the training programs in the selected study period. Personal interviews and workshops were also conducted with respondents to understand the behavioural changes and results seen in the work environment. The study brought out the need to understand the training evaluation as a continuous process, requiring periodic review and analysis of the needs of the various sectors of rural development. It reiterated the need to develop a systematic evaluation process within the institution. It also showed that the rural development professionals undergoing training themselves were keen to participate in the evaluation process so as to help in the process of self-learning and bring about sustainable changes.