ISSN 1842-4562
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Models and Systems for Structurization of Knowledge in Training

Nicolae PELIN
Serghei PELIN


knowledge, presentation, structure, element, matrix


In this work the problems of the automated structurization and activation of the knowledge, saved and used by mankind, during the organization and training, and also that knowledge which are generated by experts (including teachers) in the current activity, are analyzed. The purpose - the further perfection of methods and systems of the automated structurization of knowledge and their applications for creation: the automated workplace of the lecturer (environment for the automated structurization of a lecture material), the virtual lecturer assistant (system for the automated dialogue with students), environments for preparation by students of reports, explanatory notes to course and degree works, the virtual adviser and knowledge tester for students testing during training, for other applications. Developed by authors "the matrix of elements of knowledge" - became acting system of the automated structurization of knowledge in training, it present interest for its use in other spheres.