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Mathematical Model for Optimizing the Profit of The Pork Meat Chain

Raluca Andreea ION


agro-food chain, effectiveness, mathematical model, performance


The research of the present study answer the question whether using measures for reducing the losses on the pork meat chain enables acquiring a higher level of effectiveness. In pursuing this question, a mathematical model for optimizing the profit of the chain is elaborated and implemented in two situations: scenario 1 – without measures for preventing the losses, and scenario 2 – with measures for preventing the losses. The results show that in the second situation the level of profit is higher, because of reducing the losses by applying measures for their prevention: farms’ re-technology, implementing an automatically system for feeding the animals, ensuring medication through feeding system, improving ventilation system, using devices for monitoring continuously the microclimate, establishing the optimal supply using scientifically methods etc. The conclusions have strong implications for chain operators who may acquire a higher level of profit by applying these measures of reducing the losses.