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What does /does not Covid-19 Data Tell Us So Far?



Covid-19, pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, Growth Curve, MDS


The detailed analysis of the data about Covid-19 virus is extremely important in terms of both getting to know the virus better, producing information about its mechanism of action and evaluating countries in terms of confirmed, death and recovered cases. Because, by using information produced from data sets, it will be possible to make some predictions for and to determine strategies for future. In this study, Covid-19 data of 20 countries between 6 May and 7 July were evaluated. As a result of the evaluations, it has been observed that the countries display a different structure in terms of confirmed, deaths and recovered cases. It was observed that US, Brazil, India, and Russia were the countries have highest numbers of confirmed cases. However, death rates of these countries are obviously lesser than especially that of the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Canada. This situation can provide important information for evaluating the health infrastructures of the countries and measures taken by them. Thus, although the numbers of cases of US, Brazil, India and Russia are very high, the death rates of these countries are low. As a result, it is possible to conclude that the measures taken and treatment methods applied in these countries for Covid-19 are more effective or successful.