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Survey on the Influence of the Services Quality on the Fashion Stores Customers’ Satisfaction and Loyalty



Services quality, fashion retail, satisfaction, loyalty


This paper is a short outline of the concept of fashion branding and the way that it affects the fashion world, both in the segments of luxury fashion and the affordable fashion that targets the groups of people with an average income. This study contains a theoretical part, based on a research of the fashion branding concept; but also a practical part that consists in a survey among a target group in Romania. The theoretical part being more delicate, because of the nature of the studied subject, as it hasn’t been so easy to research in traditional branding books or articles, it was rather a study in the history of fashion that has its routes in a prior work experience in the field. Another important chapter that completes this study, consists in a mapping of the most important fashion competitors worldwide, these also being separated in two main groups: luxury fashion brands and affordable fashion brand. For this subchapter I have done a detailed part with the most relevant and important names in the industry, also divided in national and international competitors. The practical part of the study has materialized in a questionnaire that had references about the perceived quality and services offered by the main competitors in Romania. This questionnaire was applied on a number of 149 people, with ages between 18-35 mainly, but also a smaller group with ages between 36-45. The type of study used will also be explained to understand the structure and the meaning of the questions.