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Sustainable Tourism in Campania Region: Statistical Analysis and Metrics for the Development of Tourist Destinations

Vincenzo BASILE
Massimiliano GIACALONE


Global tourist index, Tourism performance measurement, Sustainability, Tourist destinations


This paper deals with the issue of the sustainable tourism in Campania region and its touristic offer in the four territorial clusters: art cities, marine, thermal and hilly locations. In the paper it is pointed out that the way the regional authorities incentivize or assist farms to diversify into tourism may have implications for sustainability, examined in this study by the presence of 11 indicators. The Global Tourist Index (G) was estimated by the Global Tourism Index (G) for the region, obtained from the combination of structural variables (number of accommodation facilities and of beds) and of flows (arrivals and presences) registered in Campania tourism. Finally, some emerging territorial strategies are proposed for the integrated development of a tourist system in the Campania Region. That is, the tourist destinations and the territorial brand. The final aim of this research is to develop and test a global index (appropriately modified) for sustainable development in tourism industry context to address the integration of social, economic, and ecological elements of sustainable development and the contextual nature of sustainable development.