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Weighted Shanker Distribution and Its Applications to Model Lifetime Data

Kamlesh Kumar SHUKLA


Shanker distribution, Lindley distribution, moments, hazard rate function, means residual life function, stochastic ordering, maximum likelihood estimation, goodness of fit


A two-parameter weighted Shanker distribution which includes one parameter Shanker distribution introduced by Shanker (2015) as a particular case has been proposed for modeling lifetime data. Structural properties of the proposed distribution including moments and moment related measures, hazard rate function, mean residual life function and stochastic orderings have been discussed. The estimation of its parameters has been discussed using maximum likelihood estimation and statistical inferences based on estimated values of parameters have been presented. The goodness of fit of the proposed distribution have been discussed with two real lifetime data sets and the fit has been compared with one parameter exponential, Lindley and Shanker distributions, and two-parameter weighted Lindley distribution and the fit in all data sets is found to be quite satisfactory.