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Big Data: Issues and an Overview in Some Strategic Sectors

Massimiliano GIACALONE


Big Data, Data Quality, Data Mining, E-learning, Learning Analytics, Health Care, Banking Industry, Ethics, Privacy


Big Data is a new technology with a model that works with a large amount of various type data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) differently from static data being stored in warehouse. The data are generated from a variety of instruments, sensors and mainly by computer transactions. They are constantly updated with a high frequency and become more and more accurate and precise with the passage of time. Main purpose of this paper is to bring into light the new technologies, process and statistical analysis to extract values and results from Big Data. This work, in the first part, introduces the main characteristics of Big Data and its basic management. Important suggestions are developed for a quality control before to extract significant samples for subsequent analysis. Follows, in the second part, the comparison with other traditional techniques. In the last part, the paper highlights the growing role of Big Data end the key benefits in some strategic sectors (Education, Health Care, and Banking Industry). Common to our interest fields, the principles of ethics and privacy, to be observed, are also mentioned.