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Highlighting the Main Factors of Job Satisfaction among Jordanian Hospital Employees

Marji Tania ISSA EID


Job Satisfaction, exploratory factor analysis, hospital employees, healthcare context, Jordan


The study of job satisfaction is justified on the basis of its potential value of understanding and in generating the positive outcomes from both the organisational and individual perspectives. As Spector(1997) stated job satisfaction is more about “how people feel about different aspects of their jobs”. The present study was conducted on the hospital employees as they are one of the most important stakeholders in hospitals to probe the factors influencing their job satisfaction. The paper aims to identify the main factors of job satisfaction using a sample of 325 hospital workers from Jordan using the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire developed by Weiss (1967) a 5-point Likert-type scale with 20 items. This scale has been widely used in the literature being a well-known and stable over the time instrument with previous researches yielding excellent coefficient alpha. Factor analysis was performed using Principal component analysis (PCA) method for extracting factors to establish characteristic components of the job satisfaction variables measured.The empirical results revealed the existence of a 2-factor structure. This work aims at improving our understanding of the nature and assessment of Job Satisfaction in the Portuguese healthcare context, providing a more stable ground for future research in this area.