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Job Satisfaction and University Administrative Staffs: An Exploratory Study

Mohamamd Ohid ULLAH
Nasrin JAHAN


Job satisfaction, Administrative Staffs, University, Causal Relationship, Partial Least Square Path Model


This study was conducted with a view to examine the level of job satisfaction among the administrative staffs of different public universities and determine the significant factors affecting their job satisfaction. To achieve the goals, relevant information were collected using a structured questionnaire. The chi-square test was used to ascertain the association between job satisfaction and other demographic as well as work related factors. The ANOVA and Welch’s test were used to check whether the results obtained were biased by the variability of means and sample sizes or not. The Partial Least Squares Path Model was used to detect potential causal relationship between job satisfaction and other work related factors. Results showed that most of the officers working in the universities were satisfied with their job. They usually worked under less stress with no ambiguity in organizational goal and expectation. Job satisfaction was also found to be significantly associated with different age groups, education levels, service length at the current employment and current position. Finally, the path model revealed that job satisfaction was significantly and positively linked with expectations, goal and feedback factors.