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Multi-Criteria Group Decision Making in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment based on Grey Relational Analysis for Weaver Selection in Khadi Institution

Partha Pratim DEY
Bibhas C. GIRI


grey relational analysis, grey relational coefficient, intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy number, multi-criteria group decision-making, weaver selection


The objective of this paper is to present multi-criteria group decision making in intuitionistic fuzzy environment based on grey relational analysis for weaver selection in Khadi institution. Weaver selection is a group decision making process involving qualitative and quantitative criteria. Intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy weighted arithmetic average operator and intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy weighted geometric average operator are employed to aggregate individual opinions of Khadi experts into a group opinion. In the selection process, criteria and weights of the criteria are obtained from Khadi domain experts. The importance of the Khadi experts is presented by linguistic variables that can be expressed by intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. Normalized weights of Khadi experts are determined by expected weight value. The rating of an alternative with respect to certain criteria considered by Khadi experts is characterized by linguistic variable that can be represented by intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy number. Finally, grey relational analysis is applied for ranking and selection of alternatives to constitute a panel of selected weavers. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is illustrated through a numerical example for weaver selection.