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Intellectual Capital Components as Drivers of Romanian SMEs Performance

Bogdan-Vasile ILEANU
Tudorel ANDREI


structural equation modelling, SMEs, intellectual capital, Romania, science, technology, human capital


The paper studies the possibility of evaluation of the intellectual capital in Science, Information and Technology domain from Romania. The analysis is made starting from a base sample of 1400 SMEs. Quantitative methods such as Structural Equation Modelling method are used to determine the group of latent factors used to evaluate the IC components of SME. Due to the particularities of Romanian SMEs and of the indicators used, some findings such as reference age of manager, the role of strong internal organization and structural capital are revealing for the first time some aspects relating the intangible assets and their potential resource for companies’ performance. The results are similar to some particular studies made on SMEs from countries with economies in transition.