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Evaluating the Risk of Projects Implementation in Various Situations using Generalized TOPSIS Model and Business Plan

Gholamreza JANDAGHI


Project management, Peril, Hazard, Implementation risk, Business plan, Generalized TOPSIS model, Sensitivity analysis


Due to the growing acceptance of project management, the application of appropriate knowledge, processes, skills, tools and updated and new techniques can affect the success of project. Risk of project implementation has always been discussed in prosperity or not reaching the desired goal, and due to complex world, the updated techniques and tools must be used for measuring of this kind of risk. So the purpose of this paper is to evaluate this risk in various situations with the new models that its name is generalized TOPSIS and also used BP that it is one of the important tools before the implementation of the project. In this method the new concept is used; as peril, hazard and risk. A case study of the proposed model will be introduced in the MATLAB that the end method is modeled in it. The sensitivity analysis of the proposed method are discussed in the next and will be measured by using the Microsoft Excel.