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Analysis of Reported Cases of Road Traffic Accidents in Umuahia Metropolis

Emmanuel John EKPENYONG
Pius Ida OKO


Road traffic accidents, Friedman test, Kruskal Wallis test, Chi-square test for goodness of fit and independence, Casualties


The occurrence of road accidents in Abia State has been of a great concern to the citizens and as a result this research work has examined the Analysis of road traffic accidents’ data in Umuahia Metropolis for the period 2010 – 2013 with data collected from the State Traffic Office, Central Police Station, Umuahia. The research identified some of the problems of road accident which includes; the factors that cause the prevailing rate of road accident, the vehicle types involved in such accidents, the days in the week and the year that recorded the highest number of road accidents and inter-dependence of the nature of casualties caused by road accidents and the vehicle type involved. Analyzing and describing the data using descriptive statistics, the Friedman test, the Kruskal Wallis H test and the Chi-square test for goodness of fit and independence, it was discovered that majority of the road accidents are caused by human factors like over speeding, recklessness, drinking and driving, drug abuse, arrogance and illiteracy. Number of reported cases of road accident is not uniformly distributed across the years and vehicle types, and the casualties in road accident are dependent on the vehicle type involved.