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ICT Use by Judiciary Systems in European Union

Massimiliano GIACALONE


Information and Communication Technology, ICT, Judiciary systems


The new technologies have become essential, thanks to the enormous possibilities that they can offer, as the immediate transfer of a document from one continent to another with just a click, saving both time and money and also allowing many simultaneous interpersonal exchanges, that considerably speed up the decision-making processes which involve numerous individuals located in various places. Moreover, we have witnessed over a very short period of time, that most of the human activities which were carried out manually have given space to much more efficient digital implementations. For instance, we can consider the serious problems that the vast documental archives have created in its management, and how centralized computer databases helped to solve most of these problems, speeding up and optimizing all research operations and data mining. This natural easiness of data exchange is still being expanded and facilitated by the development of computer networks, and in particular by the internet.