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Socio-economic Analysis of Burden of Premature Deliveries in Romania

Adrian PANA


premature deliveries, territorial analysis, GIS, quantitative methods


Premature births represent a major public health problem shared by many stakeholders inside and outside of the health care system. On one side, the direct implied part: child, mother, family, and on the other side, institutions designing and implementing policies towards better health of their populations. The WHO (2014) claims that every year globally, a "estimated number of 15 million of babies are born preterm”. In Romania the preterm birth rate was estimated, in 2010, to be 7.3% according to WHO (2010) report. Even if across the world this value may be considered low, in Europe only few countries (Switzerland, Bulgaria and Slovenia) have greater values. In this case, socio-demographic analysis of this problem may offer some hints to different institutions in order to take relevant measures to reduce the impact of this burden.